Non si parla d’altro, specie sui blog statunitensi dove il mercato di RIM è assai vasto: il Blackberry è stato hackerato.

According to Secure Computing Corporation, any firm that has deployed a BlackBerry server behind its gateway could fall foul to the hacking code that is due to be published by IT security specialist Jesse D’Aguanno next week.The soon-to-be-released hacking program, called BBProxy, can be installed on a BlackBerry or sent as an email attachment to an unsuspecting user. Once installed, BBProxy opens a back channel bypassing the organisation’s gateway security mechanisms between the hacker and the inside of the victim’s network, Secure Computing stated.

Le aziende che lo usano, anche in Italia, farebbero bene a tenere d’occhio i propri sistemi… anche se RIM cerca di buttare acqua sul fuoco.