Bot che telefonano

All’annuncio di bot che telefonano al posto nostro, interagendo con umani, mi è venuta in mente questa scenetta…. C’è un’accesa discussione tra umano e bot, litigano fino a quando l’umano sbotta e dice all’interlocutore robotico: “L’AI non sa chi sono io!“.

Ok, mi mando in ferie.

So long Oracle

So long Oracle, and thanks for all the fish!

Making a very long story short, these are my last days at Oracle and I will start a new venture next week. It has been an exciting ride with a lot of smart people and many things to learn, but as Berle says… “if an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” and so I decided to build it!

I’m grateful to have joined (thanks Paolo for bringing me on board!) and I will always keep in my memories the nice people I worked with during these months. And now…. next!

Personal branding (con stageur)

Nei giorni scorsi mi sono imbattuto in questo annuncio di lavoro:


I’m the Country Manager @[nota azienda americana] and for a personal project, I’m opening an internship position to support with my online presence and personal branding initiatives. The Intern will work in direct contact with me, on a variety of tasks. He/she will be following me during interviews and speaking engagements, focusing on the creation and promotion of online video content, through paid-media campaigns.

The person will be hired by myself, independently from [nota azienda americana].

Here a short job description of the role:

* Content creation: support the creation of photo, video, audio/podcast and written content.

* Online presence and personal branding: support the curation of online assets such as Youtube channel, personal website and social media profiles, aligning them with the overall personal branding strategy.

* Analytics and online marketing strategy: analyze the results of online marketing campaign and contribute to their optimization

* Research: support research work (both online and offline) in the areas of tech, innovation and leadership.

Requirements: proficient English level, basic experience with videomaking projects (competence using DSLR camera and editing software), basic experience with online branding and social media projects.

If you have a passion for videomaking, branding and online marketing and you want to learn by challenging yourself with an exciting new project, please submit your CV and list of links with online projects you have been involved at apply@[dominio personale]

Internship will be payed between 500€ to 1000€ month, depending on the candidate experience level.”.

In sintesi: il country manager di una nota azienda americana che cerca uno stageur per curargli il personal branding. Che ne pensate? Può funzionare? E’ bene delegare? Può diventare un vero lavoro? E quali sono gli obbiettivi che si pone chi mette l’annuncio… un salto di carriera?

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