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Data driven… events !

A couple of events I’ll be speaking at in the next few weeks: The future of automotive in a data driven world [ConnectedHub Barcelona, may 2017] The data driven factory [IDTechex Berlin, may 2017]. The first event it’s all about IoT, smart manufacturing and how software can shape the future of industry. My keynote will […]

e-journals on planes? Great, if it works…

Paper is disappearing from planes, and providing e-media to customers is just great. But airlines must make sure everything works fine… I love the way some airlines are using digital across different touchpoints. Digital transformation means exactly this: using bits to disrupt product, process and… people. Flight on line search and booking, flight management (eg […]

Regali di Natale STEM per i bimbi… cosa e perché?

Curiosando nel programma di affiliazione Amazon (i link che vedete nel post) mi sono imbattuto in questo negozio: STEM. Tutto nasce da un coder dojo che ha fatto mio figlio maggiore alle elementari, e s’è “intrippato” con cose più o meno tecnologiche (non solo con il linguaggio di programmazione Scratch ma con tutta una serie […]

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