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e-journals on planes? Great, if it works…

Paper is disappearing from planes, and providing e-media to customers is just great. But airlines must make sure everything works fine… I love the way some airlines are using digital across different touchpoints. Digital transformation means exactly this: using bits to disrupt product, process and… people. Flight on line search and booking, flight management (eg […]

Regali di Natale STEM per i bimbi… cosa e perché?

Curiosando nel programma di affiliazione Amazon (i link che vedete nel post) mi sono imbattuto in questo negozio: STEM. Tutto nasce da un coder dojo che ha fatto mio figlio maggiore alle elementari, e s’è “intrippato” con cose più o meno tecnologiche (non solo con il linguaggio di programmazione Scratch ma con tutta una serie […]

Hey Web Agencies, do you practice Social media listening?

If you propose social media listening to customers, you should be the first to use it right? This week I’ve been in Milano for the IAB Forum, the “most authoritative event of the year on digital and interactive communication in Italy, attended by all industry players and promoted by IAB Italy – Interactive Advertising Bureau” […]

Does Proactive Work