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Agosto lavoro mio non ti conosco

(da Linkedin) L’Ialia e’ rimasta uno dei pochissimi Paesi a concentrare le vacanze nel mese di agosto. Che vuol dire fermare tutte le attivita’ un mese abbondante prima (“Eh ne riparliamo dopo le vacanze” detto gia’ a meta’ giugno) e far fatica a riprendere il ritmo (per cui anche settembre e’ a bassa produttivita’). Il […]

The virtual co-driver (finally)

A little story from my past, a big example on how smart ideas could spread much faster in small start-ups. Around 3 years ago, I was discussing with the team at FCA on what services we would have needed to make Uconnect even smarter and more useful to our drivers. We came up with many […]

Data driven… events !

A couple of events I’ll be speaking at in the next few weeks: The future of automotive in a data driven world [ConnectedHub Barcelona, may 2017] The data driven factory [IDTechex Berlin, may 2017]. The first event it’s all about IoT, smart manufacturing and how software can shape the future of industry. My keynote will […]

Does Proactive Work