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The virtual co-driver (finally)

A little story from my past, a big example on how smart ideas could spread much faster in small start-ups. Around 3 years ago, I was discussing with the team at FCA on what services we would have needed to make Uconnect even smarter and more useful to our drivers. We came up with many […]

e-journals on planes? Great, if it works…

Paper is disappearing from planes, and providing e-media to customers is just great. But airlines must make sure everything works fine… I love the way some airlines are using digital across different touchpoints. Digital transformation means exactly this: using bits to disrupt product, process and… people. Flight on line search and booking, flight management (eg […]

Apple and the power of CRM

It’s a known issue: battery level on iPhone 6, 6+ and 7 is an unpredictable item. You could be at 20, 30 or even 40% on the display, and 10 seconds after you have the phone completely dead (and yourself desperately looking for a power outlet). I decided to let my Twitter followers know that […]

Does Proactive Work