Stamattina Buongiorno ha presentato Blinko, un mobile social network di cui avevo già parlato in occasione della beta release.

All’estero pare che il comunicato stampa di Buongiorno non sia stato ‘digerito’ da tutti allo stesso modo:

Buongiorno’s Blinko launches: Italian mobile content provider Buongiorno (BIT: BNG) has launched its mobile-only social network Blinko, previously in beta, and has some ambitious plans for it, hoping that it will be “one of the top three brands in 10 countries,” according to the release. Chairman and founder Mauro Del Rio seems not to realize he has quite a bit of competition though. In statement, he said that, “Up to now, [social networking] has only been available on the fixed internet…” Maybe he’s been too busy with the roll out so hasn’t noticed that not only are MySpace, Facebook and Bebo all available on the mobile, but there are quite a number of mobile-only competitors, including mocoSpace, mobikade, itsmy, Peperoni, and BuzzCity among others. Still, Buongiorno is hoping its history as a mobile player, as well as its contacts with carriers around the world, and its content offering will help separate it from the crowd. [via]