Articolo da leggere dall’inizio alla fine: il mondo dei VC europei non deve evolvere, deve essere rifondato.

My motion is simple: the European venture capital industry deserves a B- at best, and is unlikely as a whole to capitalize on the opportunities presented above. It is generally very average, sometimes downright ugly and only sporadically brilliant. Rather than go macro, I am going to go micro and focus on the quality of our ecosystem at a grassroots level to illustrate this statement.

If we want to avoid seeing too many of our entrepreneurs sucked by the Valley Vortex or funded by travelling Yankee fans, we better get our act together and improve the quality of our offering to the best entrepreneurs out there. They’re a finite population! Yes, the US market may be frothy and delusional, but let’s not take that as a comfortable excuse to not raise our game yet again. Onward.