La serie N di Nokia si allarga e si stringe: dall’N800 all’N76 il passo non è breve! Se poi aggiungiamo N93i e 6131, il CES di Las Vegas è servito.

13.7 millimeter thick N76 clamshell this week. Specs aren’t quite up to snuff with Nokia’s latest and greatest, but hey, they’re not bad either: QVGA display, 20MB of internal memory, and 2 megapixel cam, topped with a standard 3.5 millimeter audio jack (which may not be internal to the phone itself, but rather provided via dongle — we need to investigate this one) and UMTS data for 2100MHz-friendly portions of the globe. As we’ve seen with other Nokia models, a second variant of the N76 will be made available for us broadband data-hating Americans that simply removes the UMTS support while retaining quadband GSM with EDGE. Look for the N76 to find its way into fashion-conscious hands starting later this quarter for around €390.